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1 17-07-2010

Firm suggests you to buy the inexpensive laptop, from 200 dollars it is checked up and with a guarantee, devices second-hand from the usa, let out 3-5 years ago, and capable to work it is not less. also there is a possibility of delivery of the equipment and the goods from the usa. it concerns practically any equipment, beginning from plane wheels and transistors to supercomputers. we work directly with large american distributors, and really we give the prices on 1/3 more low (at guarantee preservation etc.)olegnewl@nes-tech.rumailперегной с доставкой

2 24-04-2010


3 01-04-2010

The people, have found here mazda 323 of any shaggy year. the automatic machine. and all affairs. to anybody on spare parts not ???

276-34-64 alexander

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