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31-03-2010   You remember the largest, most insulting loss?

Alexander gradsky, musician: - well, i waste all time one and too - gloves and caps. however was at me and large ridiculous loss. i flied somehow, by the way, too from tokyo, and the fee part lay at me in a trouser pocket. to sit with a heap of money in trousers, of course, i am inconvenient also them have taken out. also has forgotten. and that the fee was considerably reduced, has found out only after some days. so i look at periodic disappearance of gloves with humour.
Vladimir the moscow theatre of parodies: - certainly, i remember is there was a komsomol ticket. in those days - i then studied at the first year theatrical institute is there was very insulting and unpleasant loss. me caused in committee of komsomol and asked, in what place i carried the ticket prick it at me have dropped out... was so oppositely that till now i remember.
SergeyThe leader of group "moral code": - yes, on excite a flute has lost. walked on any clubs - there it and has lost the way. it is especially insulting that the tool to me have presented. And to search at all did not try - we not in japan...
Harry bardin,
The director-animator: - for me the most terrible loss - loss of the family. and all the rest - trifles. probably, i, as well as many, lose any things, but i simply do not remember it. at once i close a theme of losses as if they were not.
Alexey kortnev, The leader of group "accident": - still! 10 years ago i have lost the american acoustic guitar which was presented to me by andrey vadimovich makarevich. and so it is ridiculous - has leant it to the car, and itself has continued to get from salon any bags, convolutions. has risen home and has understood that a guitar has forgotten! certainly, it any more was not. tried to search: advertised both on radio, and in "the moscow member of the komsomol", but it is vain, it and has not returned.
Alisa of the tolkachyov, the fashion designer: - the most insulting and for me camera loss became irreparable. first, it was amazing design and with remarkable functions, and secondly, i have made fine pictures which together with it and were gone. there was it some years ago - i flied to america and when we flew by over greenland, have seen indescribable beauty the earth. certainly, i have photographed all these wonderful patterns. and has then forgotten the device in the plane. and, probably, so me it has shaken that, i still long time everywhere searched for the pictures made from planes or helicopters. and once in france, being on a visit at the friend, i have seen the book of known photographer artjusa-bertrana and have simply gone mad - it has embodied the earth seen by it from heavens. and now, at last, i could buy an album of its magic photos in moscow. (the ima-press. 07.08.03).

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Istochnik: Ima-press from august, 7th, 2010

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Of news:
31-03-2010   You remember the largest, most insulting loss?

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