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About project

If suddenly you have lost documents, either a bag, or keys well everyone can happen) that you will do where to call, to whom to address?


It is admissible, you by phone 09 (or to a directory) learn phones of services about the forgotten things inthen call there. and there


Through 15-20 hooters in a tube you will hear a voice which will categorically inform you that anything similar is not present, are not present and are not present!about any registration of your call, the description of details of the forgotten subject and speech cannot be. on it your searches till the moment of creation of our resource usually came to an end.


Now, we hope, all will be differently!


Come on site choose section into which the lost thing enters and   There is a probability that one fine day you will be called and will tell: was  Yours...and we will organise a meeting found with lost, we will settle all formalities under the fee, etc.


We wait as well for those who wants to share interesting stories about finds and losses, incidents and funny things in this area.


Curiosity Deficiency .


The founder of idea of a site                                                                  gennady lerner

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